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What is the minimum acceptable quantity for orders?

We provide an option for a basic quantity of 50 sets as the minimum amount of pieces you can place an order for. The least amounts have been decided to provide our customers the benefit of customisation, however pocket-size your entities be.

What is the time span for order receiving?

We require a standardised time period of 17 business days to complete your order, whilst we make an effort to stand true to every expectation on our customer’s ends including defining intricacies. During this course we hope an uninterrupted flow of communication between both the reporting points (us and you), failing which, the time span, could stretch.

Do you provide any work discount offers or programs?

We offer quantitative discounts to our customers commensurate the number of pieces ordered from us. We appreciate the trust you thrust upon us by way of larger quantity orders, and our appreciation of discounts is a thanksgiving to you.

Do you provide an option for customisation on customer procured fabrics?

We respect your opinions and inclination for self-chosen fabrics and assure to provide you with the best available one in that taste, but we do not carry out customisation on raw material or garments brought by you. Once you step in QuadB all of it is onto us-the garments, the customisation and the perfection.

Do you send proofs prior to apparel production?

We furnish you with samples prior to apparel production, and make sure that nothing is executed without your consent.
Anything that you need to be done, be it on any kind of fabric-printing, dyeing, embroidery or a novel designing, will find its way to our production counters only after you give a nod to it.
In case your need demands certain modifications in the proofs, feel free to contact us within the requisite time frame so that we can incorporate those changes to your fullest satisfaction.

How can I contact you?

Keeping a tech-start with the latest communication applications, we provide you with contact points that link you to us over telephone (+91-8146550542)and Whatsapp(+91-8146550542).
What’s more, you could also get in touch with us over e-mails (, while we try to construct an effective route of two-way conversations as soon as you intimate us about the order, in the course of production and till the time it reaches you.

When does the clock start for my order turnaround time?

The turnaround time commences as soon as you approve your order summary, which is sent to you within 24 hours of your payment.
This is why we request our customers to review the order summary thoroughly always.

How do I make sure that the order reaches on time?

Once you entrust us with your products, we are more than cautious that the order reaches you on time. Providing you with regular updates on the progress of production, we share with you the status-quo of your garment in production.
Also, the chances of delay, if any, we inform you about it once we know it-although this does not happen in the real picture unless we suffer a major production glitch or unavoidable problems.

Do you have a provision for rush orders?

We also cater to your needs for rush orders, any time you require.
Our representatives will be more than happy to tell you about how you must go about placing rush orders:- all we require is an intimation beforehand that the order needs to be “rushed”- to make sure that the essentials are allotted in a way to do so.

Can I add-on garments once the order is placed?

We try our best to add flexibility to our production schedule by accommodating your demands for additional garments once you’ve placed the order, however you may tell us to do it within 3 days of your order being finalised with us and not later than that.

Within what time can I cancel my order?

Our call for order cancellation is the same as for order modification, you can cancel you order not after 3 days you agree to give us the consignment. However, in case you inform us about the cancellation after the specified time frame, a charge of 40% of the order value is deducted once the production commences.

When do you regard payment due?

A deposit of 50% is required as advance before we kick-start the production. The balance of the amount must be paid only after we release the finished products to you.
For orders under $1,000, the payment is due in full before production begins.
We do not begin production on an order until a 50% deposit or a full payment, as the case may be, has been completed. Under any circumstances, we additionally do not release finished goods without receiving the full payment.

What modes of payment are acceptable to you?

We welcome payments from a wide range of sources to avoid discomfort to our customers, namely

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Bank Checks
  • Money Orders
  • Cash

Can you give me an estimate of shipping cost?

The cost of shipment would rely solely on the basis of your ordering quantity and the product type, the prices we quote are inclusive of shipment.
When you provide us with a design, we will compute the cost inclusive of all the finances and provide you with the exact amount of the cost.
DHL, FedEx and Sky net Courier worldwide are our primary carriers for shipping and delivery. We might also use different courier services which seem best for the delivery location. Amidst everything, you product reaches you in safe and secure conditions, unaffected by anything.

How should I redress if there is an error or issue with my order?

In case you find any an error, discrepancy or issue with your order, kindly contact us immediately. We assure your cent per cent satisfaction via means of standard techniques and, policy procedures. However if we do err at times, we will make an immediate effort to fix the pitfalls and errors and comply with your demands.

What is the procedure for re-order?

You can re-order with us via a direct contact through email or over the telephone +91-8146550542. You can also whatsapp us at +91-8146550542 Else, you can also approach our earlier in touch with you company representatives.

Do I have to pay the same amount on a re-order?

It’s not always necessary that you have to pay the same amount on a re-order. There are a particular category charges that QuadB does not demand from you on re-ordering. Likewise, there could be some variations in charges if there are scant changes in your order too.

What is your favoured form of contact with customers?

We prefer all that suits our customers best, any form of communication is open to QuadB. You can e-mail or call us round the clock, for any kind of query or any sort of advice. Bearing all these points, we request you to make a clear and effective contact with us so that it is easier to review the conversation and correspondingly leave lesser room for errors. This plays well for both the sides :- you as customers and us as quantifiers of your demands.

Can I have a contact number?

You can call us at +91-8146550542 or you could drop an e-mail at and our Customer Service Representative will contact you to provide further details.

How can I get an urgent update of the order I have already placed?

We repeatedly reinforce the notion of a direct and free contact between you and us. In situations that you demand an urgent update of the order you’ve placed, you can contact us at +91-8146550542 as and when you like. You may also like to email us at , whereby our representatives get an intimation of your urgency. Also, when you request a status update on your order, kindly mention your invoice number.

How can I check my order status?

You can call us at number or you could leave an e-mail at and our Customer Service Representative will contact you to provide further details.

What are your hours and days of operation?

Monday to Saturday :- 9:00 AM-6:00 PM{ Indian Standard Time}
Orders can be placed and our representatives can be contacted during this time span.
We are available for service on public holidays as well.

Why do I receive an email from QuadB when I do not subscribe?

If receiving e-mails from us worries you to the context that you did not subscribe, kindly make a note of the fact that certain trade portals that you register onto provide us with information about your flourishing trade concern. In case you do not like the same, please let us know and we’ll make sure that your mail address is removed.

Does QuadB share my personal information with anyone else?

We respect your privacy and keeping a note of this, absolutely do not share your personal information with anyone else. Your personal details are never transfused without your consent. All of this stands true to the obligation of revealing information, including personal information of our clients, if the law enforces us to do so.

Can you contact me or get in touch with me regarding a clothing piece I am interested in creating?

Contacting you for the purpose becomes imperative for us if we have to cater to your demand in future. But, we would want certain basic information about your order to serve the intent of saving time.
We need it to provide answers to any questions you may have. There may be factors you are totally unaware of and we could be a source to provide you with the requisite details.
Once this is done, we gather specific information about your product project, and chalk-out the most accurate and right answer in respect of all grounds.

What all clauses do you include in your garment quality policy?

Our garment policy is one of the best, we proudly claim it to be so. We provide 100% quality guarantee for all our products.
Our guarantee policy includes:-

  • No holes in any fabric/garment.
  • No loose threads.
  • A total absence of stitching errors.
  • 100% preshrunk fabrics :- you won’t witness a shrinking in your fabrics after wash.
  • No stains on fabrics.
  • No printing mistake.
  • Prescribed sizes for products with 1 inch tolerance.
  • Quality packing.

Do you have a non-disclosure policy?

We practise a non-disclosure policy on the request of the customers. We have our work quotations as our portfolio on the website. But, we can remove it from the website on your call if you do not want it to get public on the website.

Do you have any refund policy?

We deliver goods manufactured under stringent quality-control standards and thus, without exemption. Once the customized goods have been shipped, we do not accept any refunds or returns at all.
You can ask us to make any changes on the garments as long as they have not been shipped. Once they have been despatched, we can incorporate the changes but the cost of shipment and re-shipment of the garments will be borne by the customers.

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