QuadB Campus Ambassador Programme is an exciting refreshing summer internship for budding young entrepreneurs. It is a work-from-campus internship that allows selected students to grow and learn an essential skillset of Sales in an environment they’re already familiar with. It’s an opportunity for the ambitious-minded who do not mind working their way towards great rewards. The selected students stand chances to win multiple merchandises and cash rewards. It’s an attractive opportunity to earn while you learn and also get to know what it’s like to be in a work environment.
It’s an opportunity for you to make new friends, learn some new things, make some connections and live your college life with a cool new internship. What’s more, you’ll also have some cash and a certificate to show for it.
The Campus Ambassador Programme by QuadB provides you with the chance to win exciting goodies, cash rewards, an Internship certificate and what not! You will be competing with other campus ambassadors all over the country on the basis of performance in tasks which will be provided by us.


Be A Brand Ambassador in Your College

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What Will You Get?


What are the responsibilities of a campus ambassador?

Leading marketing programs and campaigns from the front in your college circles to help build an impactful impression from the brand and increase your rapport among peers and friends.

Using your motivational skills to motivate and convince students around you to make purchases by using sales skills like confidence and charm.

Setting up pop-up stalls in college festivals and events for actively advertising on the behalf of QuadB which will help you get to know a lot of important people around your campus.

Becoming the face and voice of the brand in your college and Social Media circles. Your social media popularity will help you become a popular member of your online and offline community.

Researching actively in your campus and filling up databases on the basis of your own research and campus-expertise.

Coordinating with supervisors and updating progress on the Dashboard.


What is in it for you?

You will be given cash rewards for every sale that you help complete.

You will receive a sample kit along with goodies and merchandise from the company.

A cash reward of Rs. 5000 will be sent to you through Paytm/Google Pay on completion of tasks.

Certificate of completion will be sent to the students who complete the whole program.

A Letter of Recommendation from the Company.

Top performing students will be given the chance to earn a full-time paid internship with the company.


Is this a full-time internship?

No, since the internship is campus-based. You will be required to work for a few hours(4-5 hours) every week. You can choose when to complete your tasks and how to devote your time to tasks on your own.

Do I get a monthly stipend for the internship?

The rewards of the internship are Performance-based. You will not receive a fixed stipend for the internship. However, you can win and claim a lot of rewards in the form of goodies and cash incentives by completing the tasks given to you.

Is there any job offer at the end of this internship?

At the end of the internship, top performing Campus Ambassadors will be chosen from across the country and given the chance to intern full-time with QuadB. The selection and choosing of top performers will be on the discretion of QuadB.

Do I need to work while my examinations are going on?

No, you are not required or expected to be working while your examinations are going on. The internship does not require you to devote any time to itself while your examinations are going on.

Can I apply for this internship if I’m not enrolled in a college?

Unfortunately, as the name of the internship suggests, it will not be possible for people not enrolled in a college to apply for this internship. The internship is campus-based and thus it’s necessary for you to be studying at such an institution.

How will I know if I am selected?

You shall be contacted in a few days after the application dates are over through a call or an e-mail to notify you of the next round of Phone Interview.

How will I receive my rewards?

All rewards will be processed to you on the information provided by you. Goodies etc. will be delivered to your address and cash rewards shall be sent to you through PayTm/Google Pay

What rewards will I receive at the completion of this internship?

On the full completion of the internship, you will be eligible for a Certificate of Internship and a Letter of Recommendation from QuadB. You will only be eligible for this on the completion of all tasks and sharing every post from QuadB on your Social Media links.