The crop top as a garment does not need any kind sizzling introduction, the way the short crease tops have become the favourite to be worn on any occasion says it all for the short cut crease apparel.
Now while we define crop tops, there is no definite sort of structure to it. They can be worn in summers and winters and also do not fall in line as either formal or in formal. Crops tops can be sleeveless, half-sleeved or full-sleeved, simply because the crop top dress is your type of customised clothing, that you design for yourself!
Once you decide to buy a crop top, you make a figure of it inside your head, not knowing that there are a dozen types of the crop tops you can choose from!

Types Of Crop Tops:-

  • High Neck Crop Top
    High neck tops are the newest trends in style. They are made of soft material with laces. The necks are a bit higher than normal crop tops. Tie your hair in a high bun to give yourself a classy touch when you wear a high neck crop top.
    A peplum skirt is the best suited bottom for a high neck crop top. A well-fitted crop top with a knee-length flared or an A-line skirt is all you need to spruce up your dinner plans with friends or that someone special. Add a long neck piece and a pair of wedges or platform heels, and you are sorted. Just like any of your custom T-Shirt with long sleeves, this crop top is the recent definition of “cool styles”.

  • Off Shoulder Crop Top
    Off shoulder crop tops are worn in a similar manner to all the crop tops except the fact that they expose your shoulder. They have attached sleeves.
    A maxi skirt and an off shoulder crop top are perfect for the spring. You can go with a printed skirt and a plain crop top, or the other way around. But keep one of them plain unless you want to flaunt the crop top matching set look. If you want to add glam, then just wear a stunning pair of earing and nothing in the neck.
    Design your own crop top dress to give it a unique flavour if you wish to break through the already existing monotony of dresses!

  • Stylish Wrap Crop Top
    Wrap around crop tops are side tied. They are very easy to wear in terms of the level of comfort they provide. To give a laid back look, wrap crop tops are the best. Normally you can wear wrap crop tops with shorts and canvas.
    All those creative names for teams you thought of for your girly groups, can absolutely find a place on your group wrap crop top!
    Your go to fit piece of clothing if you are someone who loves wearing crop tops for formal meetings and occasions, these are absolutely going to be your top choice. Just slide on a pair of jeans and pair it with it. You have absolutely nothing to worry about since it goes with all kinds of jeans – be it high-waist, mommy pants, flared or bootcut.

  • Frill Off Shoulder Crop Top With Skirt
    Frill off shoulder top is a sub-sect of the off shoulder crop top, with a differentiating feature that it has frills on the borders around the shoulder.
    Palazzos with frilled crop tops are fun, airy, and elegant. You could dress up with your palazzo bottoms. Go for regular plain or printed palazzos with simple crop tops for everyday wear or a heavy silk palazzo with a chiffon crop top for a special event or a party. Go for shopping and movies and be at ease!

Once you decide to buy a crop top, you make a figure of it inside your head, not knowing that there are a dozen types of the crop tops you can choose from!

  • Lace Crop Tops
    Lace crop tops are transparent or see through crops tops that you need to wear with dark colour inners to give a stylish look. The lace material makes them suitable and all the more perfect for summers.
    You wear lace crops with velvet skirts to add shimmer to the seemingly light fabric that would light up your look in go and give you a “heavy” look for evening parties too. Or you can wear it over your regular high waist jeans for college or an outing with a friend.

  • Knit Crop Tops
    Knit crop tops are the favourite amongst the teenagers. These are knitted either throughout, on the shoulders or sometimes, just the sleeves. Liked for lightness and breathable materials, they are worn during day time.
    Like the custom American tank tops for summers, so are the knit crop tops for women during the winter season.
    Play peek-a-boo with suspenders and knit crop tops– be it full length or half. Also, it is attractive for those of us who like such styles but are not okay with the idea of revealing too much skin.
    Just that, you might have to be little careful to avoid malfunctioning once you decide wearing knit crops.

  • Tank Crop Tops
    Tank crop tops are for every girl who prefers wearing clothes made of stretchable cotton material. Tank crops are either like supplementary garments for a top, or else can be also worn alone for exercises and dance sessions as they are being used for, nowadays.
    Flannel shirts are everywhere, just like crop tops. So, might as well bring them both together. If you are conscious about showing off your midriff, layer up your plain crop top with a shirt or tie it around your waist, just like how we usually do with flannel shirts anyway.
    Just like you get a custom ink top done right, try and effort into tank crop tops to get a wonderful result, too!

  • Button Up Crop Top
    Button up crop tops have buttons in the front. Sometimes it has few buttons in the beginning. It is nice for formal meeting, if teamed with skirt and blazer. This style is mostly liked by younger generation.
    High waist skirts and trousers with button crop tops are so in right now. High waist formal pants with a shirt can make for a formal attire. A plain high waist jeans or skirt with a ruffled chiffon top, peep toes, and a cute tote or sling bag can be the perfect outfit for a get together.
    Almost all types of screen printing sustains for long on button crop tops, so the fact that plain button crop tops are alone durable is nothing, but a hoax. This stands out for the fact that button crops are one of your most easy to maintain garments, all the time!

  • Spandex Crop Tops
    Spandex crop tops, as the name suggests, are made of spandex material. They tuck your tummy in and give a flat look. Mostly worn in pastel colours, spandex crop tops are the best to give you a fiery look on a bachelorette or spinster party.
    What then, is the best way to get the spandex crop top right?
    Pencil skirts and spandex crop top it is! And, the lower garment does not have to be anything fancy, just a usual pencil skirt from with a cute crop top is all what you need.
    Go ahead and style your crops, now!